Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Spratt Safety and Productivity Solutions offers complete Heath and Safety programs to meet or exceed governmental regulations. We also offer services to manage your program for you. We will keep you aware of legislative changes. We can create your policy and program, train staff and then provide ongoing monitoring of your program and provide your record keeping. While the Ministry of Labour currently requires this, it is time consuming and in general, rarely done well by most companies. And as natural employee turnover occurs, new employee onboarding training often lacks an extensive safety component. Seasonal business are usually in a hurry to get up and running and safety training is often lightly brushed over or forgotten altogether. We can solve that and remove one less worry from entrepreneurs who are focussed on business opportunities and not as much on details! In short, we can offer the following:

•    Hazard assessment of your  business or operation
•    Complete design of a customised MOL compliant safety policy and program
•    Implementation of the program
•    Provide hands-on training (including WHMIS) for all management and employees for both general safety and task specific safety
•    Monitor and if requested, participate in inspections and JHSC meetings
•    Provide record keeping of training and safety committee activity
•    Train for and participate in accident investigation
•    Keep you posted and compliant with all new legislation affecting H&S

WSIB claims management is another area where companies generally drop the ball. It is often the path of least resistance to just fill in Form 7 and accept what is perceived as the inevitable associated costs. Or worse, companies don’t believe there is any cost to them at all as “the province” pays the medical bills. It is essential that accidents be investigated completely. It is also important to see if there was an underlying prior condition and was the injury a recurrence.  If this applies, the costs may not be attributed to your company and a clean record means rebates on your insurance premiums. To that effect, Spratt Safety offers:

•    Thorough accident investigation with written recommendations
•    WSIB claims submission and management
•    Modified duties consulting and follow up.

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