Asset Utilization / Productivity

Asset Utilization / Productivity

Blaik Spratt was integrally involved in Manderley Turf Products becoming one of Canada’s Top 50 Best Managed Businesses in 2012. Blaik’s involvement, beyond Health and Safety, was largely in increasing the utilization of the company assets.  With so much of Canadian industry being seasonal, the cost of owning expensive assets can place a large financial burden on companies. The alternatives are to become more efficient thereby reducing asset requirements and to determine ways to acquire necessary assets when they are needed most and to “return” them during downtime. New technology plays a part in this, as does creative ways of asset sharing. Spratt would be pleased to assess your operations and make recommendations as to how to overcome the asset rich, capital poor situation that many companies face.

As such, we offer the following services:

•    Asset utilization studies
•    Providing a complete plan for alternative solutions including the financial and operational impacts to the company
•    Assist in the implementation of the plan
•    Follow up to verify that the projected cost savings were actually achieved

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